Mike and Lane playing

Mike and Lane, with Parker on cajon in the middle, playing at a family 4th of July BBQ.

Tambo Toe LLC co-founders/Inventors Mike Garrison and Lane Boozer, cousins by marriage, have been playing together in one form or another since their college days, a bit over 20 years ago. That’s Parker in the middle on cajon. They’re pictured here playing at one of their annual “Boozer Family 4th of July Barbecues,” as they have for many years. The food and music continue to “out-do last year…year after year.”

At one of these events, Mike brought a prototype of what is now the Tambo Toe and presented it to Lane and said, “Can you make this work? I think we could sell these.” Lane, an avid woodworker and tinkerer, went to work to see how they could produce this product in volume and still keep it affordable to the acoustic guitar player, or ANY player/singer/musician wanting a percussive background instrument. Collectively they found the solution in what is now the official production model of the Tambo Toe, THE accessory that every player NEEDS.

Mike and Lane began telling their friends about it, and all seemed to think it was a good idea, saying “hey man, I’ll take one,” so they sold several before they had actually produced the first one. Production began VERY shortly thereafter. Their first order came from Australia.

Both hailing from Texas, for their “day jobs,” Mike works in the engineering field while Lane works in insurance and financial services.

Mike and Lane playing