The Tambo ToeTM was spawned from an acoustic guitarist’s desire for simple rhythm accompaniment during backyard or evening jam sessions. Since no one knows the song’s dynamics and pace better than the guitarist himself, why not put the percussion directly under his already tapping toe?

How to Play

Playing the Tambo ToeTM is super easy, but really bringing out its dynamics takes a little practice. If you normally rest your guitar on your right leg, try placing the Tambo Toe under your left foot to play a constant quarter note beat. Use the ball of your foot to strike the Tambo Toe on the slant just below where it breaks to a level surface. Anchor your left heel on the extended strike plate, or let it float for more lively and percussive play. Switching the Tambo Toe to the right foot allows you to use your left foot for the silent “1” and “3” count, and your right foot for the “2” and “4” (with the Tambo Toe serving as the accents). There are all kinds of possibilities with the device; you can even try one under each foot or pick it up and play it like a traditional hand held tambourine!


The Tambo ToeTM has slip-resistant padding attached to the bottom surface, to aid it from “walking” on hard floors during heavy performance. Or head down to your local hardware store and pick up some rubber tabs to place on the bottom four corners, allowing the unit to settle into carpeted surfaces for additional gripping action.


We hope you find years of enjoyment with this essential grab-and-go device. It also conveniently fits inside most guitar gig bags.


Each Tambo Toe is individually hand-crafted in the USA. We use readily available materials to keep the final price down, but we do NOT sacrifice on quality. We will not send you an instrument we wouldn’t play ourselves.

Just as humans, let alone musicians, wood has it’s own unique “personality.” Because of this, each Tambo ToeTM has it’s own unique appearance. It’s highly unlikely that any two would be identical. However, each Tambo Toe possesses the sound qualities you would expect.


Limited 90-Day Warranty: The Tambo ToeTM is warranted for a period of 90 days from date of purchase against mechanical or material failure under normal operating conditions. Owner must produce original sales receipt and contact the company at for a Return Authorization Number. Place this number on the box when shipping back the unit. Original owner is responsible for one-way shipping to the company. The company has the option of either repairing the original unit or replacing the defective part(s). Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for repaired/replacement unit to be returned.