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“The Tambo Toe has been a huge success in our family. My biggest problem now is how to get it off my two young sons, who are learning to play guitar and just love strumming along and stamping on the Tambo Toe whilst jamming with me or with each other. I am thinking I might need to get another one (or two) so that I can get a turn every now and then. It’s a great device – very innovative, so easy to use (no batteries required even!), robust and so easy to carry around. Congratulations, and thanks…”

Devan S. of Northern Territory, Australia

“I am using the Tambo Toe quite a bit when I play harp and guitar. I don’t even know I am playing it, toe-tapping is so natural, and I love the way it effortlessly adds a new dimension and dynamic to my music. ”

Jon Gindick of Malibu CA

“Finally a solution to that pesky drummer problem.”
Dane Adrian of Austin, TX

“I picked up the Tambo Toe as an experiment to add a different dimension to my guitar playing. So far I cant get enough. The Tambo Toe is simple and ingenious, giving any solo acoustic musician an added dynamic of percussion powered by a toe that is already tapping. From now on I will always bring this thing gigging with me.”

Boston M. of Denton, TX

“Bought the Tambo Toe for grins and couldn’t be happier. Simple idea, executed very well. You’re tapping your toe anyway why not add to your playing. As they say it is very simple to use, but the real magic comes out after you start experimenting – that’s where you really get into the dynamics. I am primarily an acoustic player and this is just another tool like my harmonicas to add to what might otherwise be a dull song. Prompt service, great price, thanks guys I hope this really takes off for you.”

Andrew E Minot of North Dakota

“The Tambo Toe is a no-brainer! It’s a perfect turn-key addition to round out my acoustic playing because I’m already tapping my foot. It really adds and fills in; it’s a wonderful accompaniment!”

Jeff D. of Indianapolis, IN